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Habitat: Four pillars

for a common goal.

Habitat is our innovative forum on sustainability in the wine industry, an initiative that has the ambition to become the annual reference event focused on sustainability in the viticulture sector, promote dialogue to understand the present and future of a key industry for sustainable transition and spread the culture of sustainability.  

A collection of stories to reflect on the present and act towards an increasingly sustainable future. Habitat is our way of understanding sustainability in the world of wine. Argea has taken on this crucial challenge by implementing a comprehensive program of Economic, Social, and Environmental Responsibility.  

An ecosystem in which everyone must cooperate to Support, Live, Cherish, and Protect our Habitat. 

“We have chosen to take care of our habitat every day: the territories that host us and allow us to express ourselves at our best. Territories that have become our world. Our habitat. That is why we treat them with care. Welcome to our Habitat.”


Massimo Romani


Taking care of our world.  
Being sustainable requires commitment, dedication, and tangible actions.



To support our habitat means to engage in discussions about future visions that can guide our daily work. The result is the identification of the most strategic and relevant issues on which to build a set of priorities that we share with all our stakeholders:


Economic results capable of generating shared value along the entire value chain, through the creation of positive relationships with communities and the market;


Responsible management of resources, products, and services, to preserve the territory and biodiversity;


Governance and integrity, in the development of human capital, and in terms of health, safety, and well-being 


Our employees are solidly bonded partners and an integral part of our family. In this sense, our main suppliers have signed our Code of Ethics, and more than half of our partners monitor annual energy, fuel, and water consumption.

55% of our partners monitor annual energy consumption;

96% of our partner companies have a risk assessment document;

100% of our suppliers have signed our Code of Ethics.


In symbiosis with the earth and the community: 
knowing our habitat to improve it.



We believe in shared commitment to create a safe workplace. We aspire to be a company capable of promoting development of the communities where we operate, in an inclusive manner – by creating a work environment that fosters skills and entrepreneurship, increasing the sense of belonging for all our people. We are committed to ensuring that our employees find in Argea a place where they can bring out the best in themselves: the ideal habitat to develop skills while valuing diversity. Relationships with communities, human capital development, and 360° well-being of our people and collaborators are our priorities and our way of living our Habitat. 

“Working in an ideal environment has not only aesthetic purposes, but also generates feelings of well-being, positive emotions and creativity among employees”.


Enrico Gobino
Direttore Marketing


The territory is the keeper of a dream. Ours.



Growth and development are only possible if we take care of our world. We are committed to continuously pursuing quality and sustainability to improve the environment we have inherited and will hand down to future generations.
We carefully monitor our CO2 emissions and promote the acceleration of the low-carbon transition by purchasing 50% of our energy from renewable sources. 

Starting with responsible use of resources and control of critical substance use, we sustainably manage the waste we produce, allowing 72% of it to be returned for recovery. Preserving the territory and biodiversity through virtuous behaviors is a guiding principle at the center of all our actions.

“Everyone can (and should) do their part. The future of the planet is decided today and depends on our actions.
Sustainability cannot be improvised.”


Roberta D’Ascanio
Safety & Sustainability Ambassador


Our actions for the world of tomorrow.



The challenge we aim to continue pursuing is to become an increasingly sustainable reality and business through concrete actions and innovative processes.  

In line with the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations, we are committed to a path of precise commitments towards responsible consumption and production (Goal #12), decent work and economic growth (Goal #8), fighting climate change (Goal #13), and peace, justice and strong institutions (Goal #16), as well as promoting ESG culture internally and with our partners.

“Safe work must be an indispensable condition of doing business. We are committed every day to promoting a safety culture, and this requires mutual and shared commitment. 


Roberta D’Ascanio
Safety & Sustainability Ambassador


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